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Legal advice post-Brexit

Legal advice to British citizens in relation to the post-Brexit era .

Were you  registered at the police station before 6/07/2020? Do you have the green EU certificate? I recommend you change for the TIE card. You can still apply for it.

Were you living  in Spain and registered at the Padron of the Town  Hall  in the last  3 months of the year 2020? You can still apply for the Residency Document under the Brexit agreement. 

Residence permits and visas

Legal advice and assistance with work , studies and residence permits for non- European nationals.

EU citizens

Assistance  for registering  as  European citizen resident. Legal advice in relation to permanent  residence card. 

"Canje" exchange of  a foreign driving licence

NIE (tax identification number)

Assistance with applying for a NIE number, required for purchasing property or to work or study in Spain.

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