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Conveyancing services

Personalized services for covering all your needs

Legal consultation service: verifying the documentation of the property and supplies, advice regarding the legal situation of the property and preparation of a final report. This includes contacting the estate agent or owner to confirm the documentation that they have and checking the legal situation with the public authorities: Land Registry (embargos and mortgages), Town Hall and other appropriate public entities. 

Assistance when applying for NIE (Spanish Tax Number).

Private contract of purchase or deposit contract: checking/modification of the estate agent or owner's contract or preparation of a new contract in Spanish/English and legal advice regarding it.

Assistance for opening a bank account in Spain: contact with the bank and help with the compliance of money laundering banking rules.

Legal advice regarding the purchase deed: including co-ordination with the Notary, bank and third parties (for example, architects, etc), arrangements needed for the preparation of the transaction, checking of the deed and assistance and translation at the Notary for signing the purchase deed.

Assistance in relation to financing the purchase: Legal advice regarding the mortgage offer(s), contact with the bank(s), checking of the deed of mortgage and assistance at the Notary.

Assistance in changing ownership for all the supplies (electricity, water, gas, etc).

Conveyancing services  available in all the Spanish Territories but mainly in the Catalonia region.
Ask for fees without any obligation.
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